Dancing Japanese Maple

Dancing Japanese Maple

Salt Lake City

About Rona Black Photography

My photography is a natural extension of my love of color and my interest in details. I hope my images convey the pleasure I take in such close attention. Rona Black Photography
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48 Responses to Dancing Japanese Maple

  1. maine1nyc says:

    They do look like they can dance. Nice work.

  2. Lovely depiction of autumn’s bounty.

  3. Gorgeous. I love Japanese Maples.

  4. Orchestrapal says:

    Great color and composition. You did it again.

  5. Beautiful dancing Maple leaves!

  6. suej says:

    Oh, nice, I’ve tried to take some with the light behind, but not sure they will work…. :)

  7. This phot speaks to my heart. I had to leave my beloved Japanese Maple when we moved. I have found they don’t grow very well here (ground & weather conditions). Thank you so much for sharing. Connie

  8. sknicholls says:

    Lovely red against the black and white background. Nice job.

  9. Lyle Krahn says:

    What a perfect background to contrast that brilliance!

  10. Oh that is stunning! :-)

  11. Jane Lurie says:

    Hi Rona, I just love the colors and contrast of this image. Welcome Autumn!

  12. vanbraman says:

    Wow, the red really pops. What a great picture for fall!

  13. Rachael says:

    Delightful. The almost black and white background really lets the vibrant leaves stand out.

  14. thephotoseye says:

    Beautiful Autumn shot with lovely color and bokeh!

  15. @FoP says:

    Wow, really a good shoot , love it.

  16. RobynG says:

    Beautiful Rona and I love the composition and bokeh!

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